Strides Buffets now supply school packed lunches.

Packed lunches are also popular with children's parties. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor party these packed lunches can fill up the little ones with out the mess and hassle of cleaning up. We have many options to choose from so each child will have their own preference.

                                                                      Sandwich Fillings:    Cheese, Ham, Cheese Spread, Paste, Egg or Tuna

                                                                      Fruit Option:             Apple, Satsuma, Banana, Pear or Dried Fruit

                                                                      Dairy Option:            Cheese or Yogurt

                                                                      Sweet Option:          Cake, Biscuit, Savoury Snack (Cheddars etc) or Dried Fruit

                                                                      Drink:                       Bottled Water or Juice